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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Welcome Groupon Folks!

CONGRATULATIONS.  And Welcome to Rebalance Pilates Studio!


-Call or email me your 2 best times and days that you would like to start a class or a private session.
-Reformer Class schedule is currently available below on my blog.
-Let me know if you have any orthopedic issues or concerns or if you have any movement limitations.
-Let me know your level of experience in Pilates; never tried it?, mat?, privates? group classes?
-All sessions are 55 minutes. Wear comfortable yoga type clothes, either bare feet or socks are fine.
-All ages and abilities are welcome.
-24 hour cancellation policy applies to all sessions.
-Precise directions to the studio entrance are on my website at

Looking forward to working with you.

All the best,
Katrina Charmatz- Director/Certified Master Pilates Trainer
rebalance Pilates
#1 Alta Drive
Petaluma, ca 94954
707-694-8813- studio

Monday, April 2, 2012

NEW !!! Pilates Reformer Classes

Mon.   Beg./7a, 8a, 10a,
Tues.  Level 1/5;30p, Level 2/6:30pm

Wed.  Beg/7:30am, 8:30a 10:30 , Level 1/5:30pm
Thurs  Level 1-2/ 6:30p
Fri.     Level 1-2/ 7:00am, 8a, 10a,

               $30/class for a 10 pack = $300
               $35/class for a 5 pack = $175
               $40/class drop-in rate

Beginner: Brand new to Pilates, work on foundation and essential concepts of reformer work. Learn to stabilize spine, shoulders, hips, legs and correctly engage abdominals during exercises.

Level 1-2*: 
Build on foundation work, adding more balance, coordination and challenge movements.         *Instructor approval req.

6 months Post Op.- November

Sean and I went to the South rim of the Grand Canyon and did a sunset hike down and back up. AMAZING. The weather was in the high 60's, but as soon as the sun went down, it dropped to about 30's-40's.  We hiked down about 2 hours (loose, dusty dirt, really need to look where you are going!!)

And about 1 hour back up. The way back up felt much better on my hip because I was really working it,
using all my hip and leg muscles. I was even running for the shuttle bus after the climb cause it was the last one of the evening. I was very happy and pain free.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

4 months/October Post Op

I hiked Bolinas Ridge Trail in Olema, Ca in West Marin today with Sean and Uma. It was 4.6 miles and it took us about 2 hours. It is a wide fire road with lots of cow herds. We saw a coyote that Uma was very interested in, however, she wasn't so keen about the cows, preferred to hide behind her dad.

I've been working with Jack Burns,  a Sonoma County horse trainer, rehabilitating  rescue thoroughbred horses at a facility named GEVA in Glen Ellen, Ca.

Riding feels very good to work the muscles that are needed to ride with skill and sensativity. The gelding I'm riding is "Chunky" a chestnut thoroughbred 15.1 hands who has had some mistreatment or rough handling. He gets scared when going to the right on the lunge line, and while he like to be groomed, you have to approach him softly and gently as you start to brush him. Ive just started working with him so we are just getting to know each other. We are working on very basic Dressage techniques as well as getting Chunky comfortable out on the trail.

My riding feels much more balanced and I can give the horse a correct leg aids, cause I can move in my hip much easier. Feels really great to be back in the saddle!!

I've also, been trying to increase more long challenge. So its swimming laps at the outdoor pool for 1 hour with flippers, the stationary bike for 20 minutes and the "Gauntlet", which is a  continuous stair climbing machine for 10 minutes (taking to breaks to catch my breath--it's hard!!) I am also starting to teach Mat Pilates class at Club One 1 x a week. Trust me... lots of abs and LOTS of hip work... :)

Hiking is sill part of the program... I hiked around Ross Lake for 3 hours. That was A LOT... need to stretch the hips, back and quads or else I get super stiff. I  have been shoveling mulch, weeding, so if i overdo it (which I tend to do) I will take an Aleve ( 1x a month) and get in the hot tub more.

Monday, October 10, 2011

12 Weeks/September- Post Op from Hip Surgery

I'm walking, hiking with Uma the Border Collie WITHOUT the cane. I still am a bit weak on standing. The sitting to standing movement has been a bit slower to recover than i expected, but it is getting better. I've been working on using my adductors (upper inner thigh muscles) more, since I know they were weak to start with from the OA. I also, to continue to stretch my psoas muscle. I also started to stretch the back of the hip in a figure 4 stretch for the piraformis muscle. I am trying to go slow, so i don't feel it in my knee, but rather to feel it in the posterior of the hip socket.  In a very gentle and kind way, i am working on the exercises that are hardest for me.... Straight leg raises, Marching in a neutral spine position.  For release and the flexibility of the hip, low back and the Quadradus Lumborum, I sit in the hot tub and aim the jets around the trochanter and the scar and get a wonderful tingily, itchy, deep massage....feels great! Massage also breaks up scar tissue, so that full mobility and range of motion is restored.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week 8- August 2 months Post Op.

I've been walking a lot at our hilly regional Park Helen Putnam, mostly without my cane. It feels really great on my hip, it gets a little "itchy" indicative of blood flow into the surgical site replenishing the tissue and healing. I try to keep in mind, to walk with an even stride of my gait.

 I've also been doing Side Leg lifts from my Pilates Mat work. This strengths the Glute Medius and Minimus...all the side hip muscles, which stabilizes the hip and helps with balance and gait.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 6-Post Op.

WEEK 6.-Post Op.
I had my 6-week follow-up with Dr. Vail and I saw my 1st x-ray with both hips resurfaced…crazy! Everything looks good. The stem of the Wright medical Conserve Plus device is a bit longer than the left Johnson & Johnson Depuy XLR  device, but essentially they look very similar.

Dr Vail was happy to know that I’m being active, and getting stronger. He says that the glutes are still weak, so I need to keep working at what I am doing. I see him again in 6 months. He said that the surgical healing period is till about 3 months on average.

I also gave my ok to be a part of the American Joint Replacement Registry. UCSF is creating a research study to establish a California state and nationwide joint replacement registry. In the U.K and in Australia they have joint registries, but not in the U.S. until now. Since I have been researching hip resurfacings, I have been amazed that there was no U.S. registry. It is being created to have a national data bank for safety and quality control over joint replacements. I think it’s long overdue.

This week:
Monday: PT
Tuesday: 1.25 walk with stick
Wednesday: PT
Friday: I swam & water walked in the pool for 1 hr.    Felt Great!
Saturday: I walked for the 1st time up our local hilly regional park- Helen Putnam Park. 1.25 hrs. The park has lots of un-even terrain, hills and paved path. I went with Sean and he took the dog. I used my stick for about 1/3rd of the time.  I felt really good in my hips! strong, itchy from blood flow to surgery site….and then I did some yard work for about TOO MUCH.
Sunday: Friends from New Mexico visited and we had a raw oyster picnic in Tomales Bay (we saw a red fox!) and then walked along Pt Reyes North Beach for I used my stick. I was sore and really feel like I NEED my stick.

Just goes to show….Listen to your body. And don’t do too many things without a rest in between days.