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Monday, October 10, 2011

12 Weeks/September- Post Op from Hip Surgery

I'm walking, hiking with Uma the Border Collie WITHOUT the cane. I still am a bit weak on standing. The sitting to standing movement has been a bit slower to recover than i expected, but it is getting better. I've been working on using my adductors (upper inner thigh muscles) more, since I know they were weak to start with from the OA. I also, to continue to stretch my psoas muscle. I also started to stretch the back of the hip in a figure 4 stretch for the piraformis muscle. I am trying to go slow, so i don't feel it in my knee, but rather to feel it in the posterior of the hip socket.  In a very gentle and kind way, i am working on the exercises that are hardest for me.... Straight leg raises, Marching in a neutral spine position.  For release and the flexibility of the hip, low back and the Quadradus Lumborum, I sit in the hot tub and aim the jets around the trochanter and the scar and get a wonderful tingily, itchy, deep massage....feels great! Massage also breaks up scar tissue, so that full mobility and range of motion is restored.