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Sunday, October 30, 2011

4 months/October Post Op

I hiked Bolinas Ridge Trail in Olema, Ca in West Marin today with Sean and Uma. It was 4.6 miles and it took us about 2 hours. It is a wide fire road with lots of cow herds. We saw a coyote that Uma was very interested in, however, she wasn't so keen about the cows, preferred to hide behind her dad.

I've been working with Jack Burns,  a Sonoma County horse trainer, rehabilitating  rescue thoroughbred horses at a facility named GEVA in Glen Ellen, Ca.

Riding feels very good to work the muscles that are needed to ride with skill and sensativity. The gelding I'm riding is "Chunky" a chestnut thoroughbred 15.1 hands who has had some mistreatment or rough handling. He gets scared when going to the right on the lunge line, and while he like to be groomed, you have to approach him softly and gently as you start to brush him. Ive just started working with him so we are just getting to know each other. We are working on very basic Dressage techniques as well as getting Chunky comfortable out on the trail.

My riding feels much more balanced and I can give the horse a correct leg aids, cause I can move in my hip much easier. Feels really great to be back in the saddle!!

I've also, been trying to increase more long challenge. So its swimming laps at the outdoor pool for 1 hour with flippers, the stationary bike for 20 minutes and the "Gauntlet", which is a  continuous stair climbing machine for 10 minutes (taking to breaks to catch my breath--it's hard!!) I am also starting to teach Mat Pilates class at Club One 1 x a week. Trust me... lots of abs and LOTS of hip work... :)

Hiking is sill part of the program... I hiked around Ross Lake for 3 hours. That was A LOT... need to stretch the hips, back and quads or else I get super stiff. I  have been shoveling mulch, weeding, so if i overdo it (which I tend to do) I will take an Aleve ( 1x a month) and get in the hot tub more.